Back in 2001 I took over my Mom’s column – in the Hardin County News.  I wrote About Kountze for six and a half years.  I left the News and began my own newspaper.  Last year I decided to revert 100% to the internet.  A friend recommended I start a blog which picks up where I left off – re: news in Kountze.  There really is not any newspaper which focuses on Kountze.  I will report information as I see it and hear it and of course if you have any news you wish to share – please feel free to do so.

Just learned Mrs. Silcox passed away – that being Mrs. Stratton’s Mom.  She has been a fixture here in Kountze for many years.  I never saw her looking any way other than chic and sweet smelling.  She will be missed.  Broussard’s are handling the services.  Keep the family in prayer.

The stray female pit mix I still have and she is looking more and more like a good looking canine.  She is certainly a far cry from the starved, cold and wet creature who stood at my office window and looked inside – so pitiful.  I have fed her and hope her owners – if she is missing – will find her.  She is very loving and is a big baby.  This time of year sees an explosion of animal births.  It is expensive to have your pets spayed or neutered but it is necessary.  I have had all of mine except the stray who appears to have had pups at some time in her checkered past.

The summer heat is keeping many of us inside.  I venture out when I have to and try to perform necessary tasks during the afternoon or close to sun down.  It is just too hot and humid.  Remember to stay hydrated.  Keep a wet towel close by to put behind your neck or on your head to keep cool.  Drink lots of water.  Soda might be tempting but it does little good health wise,  If you head to the beach – take sun screen and a hat.  If you head to the lake for boating – take a life jacket and a way to communicate if help is needed.

Vacation Bible Schools are in full swing and some churches have opted for night school as opposed during the day.  What an awesome way to create a positive alternative for kids who have so many temptations.  Church is important and can instill stellar ethics which will not fail the child as they move forward in their lives.  I remember attending Vacation Bible School at First Baptist.  I looked forward to Kool-Aid and cookies which tells you what was truly important to me back then.

Sharon Kaye Votaw Morgan and her grand daughter  were involved in a horrible car wreck last month.  The funeral was a true blessing and anyone who attended must have felt they had been brushed by angel wings.  I finally remembered days after Hurricane Rita hit, my brother, family and I went to Sam Barrington’s for a meal.As electricity was out Sam wanted to cook all his meat from the freezer before it was ruined.  A group gathered – sat outside and enjoyed food and fellowship.  Jerry Morgan played the guitar and sang.  His wife Sharon introduced herself to me.  She asked if I remembered her and of course I did?  She was the fetching cheerleader who cheered on the sidelines.  She smiled and replied that was a long time ago.  Sharon did not make it 10 years and neither did my brother.  I think of those memories and realize yet again how precious life is.  We do not have tomorrow promised.

We have a local hero to be truly proud of – Karen Monk of Sour Lake whose stellar efforts last September resulted in the arrest and extradition of Jesse Matthew.  He was wanted in connection with missing University of Virginia college student Hannah Graham.  Karen saw Jesse on the beach near High Island and alerted the authorities.  With Jesse’s arrest many unsolved crimes going back more than a dozen years suddenly had a name and a face.  Karen has been honored by the State of Texas with a proclamation and a gofundme account has been established to help Karen with her medical expenses as well as college tuition for her two sons.  She also is a recent graduate of Vista Beauty School.  To date gofundme.com/ofdttg has raised $1110.  Because of Karen others will live and no other family will have to face a life time of questions, of hurts via Jesse Matthew.   We honor so many who are not honorable.  Time to honor those who are honorable.  Let us be a blessing to Karen and donate to gofundme.com/ofdttg

July SCAT meeting will be held on July 16th at the SCAT building.  Bring a covered dish and prepare to enjoy food, fellowship and entertainment.  Scheduled to begin at 11 AM.

Seasoned Saints of Cornerstone church will enjoy a fun evening on July 14th beginning at 6 PM.  Chicken will be furnished.  Bring side dishes.  It will be a game night so bring any board games you wish to play.  Not BORED games but Board games.

“Not by might, nor by power but by My Spirit says the Lord of Hosts.”  Zechariah 4:6

Heal the wounded.  Bind up those who are bruised and reclaim the sinners.

Remember – this is a Kountze blog and any doings or events you wish to announce – let me know and I will gladly spread the word for you!



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