As most of you know – the area we live in is not known for its vast array of employment.   Most do what they can.  Some opt to move as I did for close to three decades.  The big, bad city 100 miles to our west inherited many a country cast off.  Blue chip kids land in Harris County – prepared to make their mark.  Often the mark of Houston will be left on them as was my case and countless others.  Unless one has money and/or connections I recommend you avoid the bright lights.  I moved to the Galleria area with all intents and purpose of succeeding.  

I was naive and believed good would right wrong.  Granted it does but often not too quickly.  I knew no one and therefore had to make my own way.  I lived in a great area – inside the 610 Loop close to the Galleria but the apartments were rather less than stellar.  Neglected would be a nice word as the owner was waiting to make a killing with a sale.  I did not have a car so I took the bus – and stood in hot, cold, rain, darkness so I could at some point stand in a foreign country and that I did.

 I worked as a temporary for 15 years which enabled me to travel when I wished.  Of course 20/20 hindsight is the best and were I afforded the opportunity to do it all over I would have acquired employment with a major corporation which would have offered a retirement.  Those who did that are now enjoying the fruits of their labors.  Nevertheless – we move forward with the knowledge we have and often that knowledge will create more questions than it answers.  We are flawed for a variety of reasons and those cracks in our armor can promote situations most would avoid.

 I stayed true to my Christian faith through out and never missed a chance to share the Word.  Only time will tell how much good resulted from my 28 years in Houston?  The last five years were horrible – apartments torn down, had to move.  Landed in the vile clutches of an evil landlord whose track record as a slum landlord well documented.  My Mom died, my dad had a stroke and I was illegally evicted.  Nobody cared.  

Landed back in Kountze where I cared for my Dad who had suffered a stroke.  My pets and I survived Houston and were thankful to be back in the sticks.  The scent of the tall pines created a sense of peace which I longed for.  Once dad passed the need to earn an income came sharply into focus and I learned yet again why so many flee rural living.

 Opportunities are not a plenty and what jobs there are – often earmarked for friends, brown nosers whose IQ will not create a panic attack in the hearts of those whose self esteem is lacking.  Drove more than one car into the ground.

 Now I am semi-retired and still work part-time – choosing where and when I want to work.  For those who are seeking employment – I suggest retail.  If one can – land a job online.  Some companies are hiring customer service reps – from home.  It seems to be more and more a viable resolution.  The pay can vary but tends to be $10 an hour.  One thing for sure – you won’t wear your vehicle out.  You won’t have to dress up or impress some CEO.  You can wear your pjs – sip a cup of coffee – all from the comfort of your home.  Whatever you do – buyer beware.  Don’t expect the world to be fair because you are a good person.  That is similar to expecting a bull not to attack you because you are a vegetarian.  

Have a great journey!!


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