Five men who represented you and I were gunned down in Tennessee.  The shock, horror was world wide.  Many questions persisted including why did it take our government so long to order US flags lowered?  Finally the order was issued and flags began to display respect for our fallen heroes.  Not all flags I have noted – including the flag at BBVA Compass bank in Kountze nor the flag at the school south of Brookshire Brothers.  I contacted BBVA Compass and Erica, bank manager called  me on the telephone with an apology and an explanation – she was out of town when the order issued by headquarters.  I hope when I pass the bank the flag has been lowered.  As for the school – I realize school is out for the summer.  However, there has to be someone on site who can think for themselves and make quality decisions. Why is it the norm so many put their minds in park or auto control and drive through life in a fog?  We place high emphasis on education, which includes thinking – a valuable asset in most societies.  However, thinking seems to be a distracted, disjointed adjective.  I realize not all are leaders but somethings should not require prodding.   It should be as automatic as not thinking.  


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