Eight years ago Carl Matthews of Kountze received the gift of life – a heart transplant.  He and his family had been waiting, hoping for a new heart for months from the confines of a Houston hospital.  That was his only hope and as they days melted away and his strength ebbed – Carl knew time was short.  He also knew he served a God who heals.  Word came – a heart was available.  Carl’s life was extended while another ended.  If you were to see Carl you would not know he has had a heart transplant nor would you know he had stood at death’s door.  He is active in his church, sings a mean gospel Amazing Grace and continues his community service if and when needed.  Carl does have to take a anti-rejection medication.  Without the meds he would soon begin to experience unpleasant side effects.  His body would reject the alien heart.  When one thinks about it that is what happens when we accept Jesus into our hearts as our personal savior.  We have a new heart – and that new heart is truly alien to the world in which it lives.  As Christians one needs a daily dose of anti-rejection medicine too.  It is called God’s Holy Word.  When we read we are to turn the other cheek – we want to reject that as out dated.  Gotta grab our anti-rejection medicine the Bible.  When we read forgive – we want revenge.  Gotta grab our anti-rejection cure – the Bible.  When we read The Golden Rule we want to say you can’t be serious.  Got to grab our anti-rejection medicine God’s Holy Word.  When we want to cheat on our mates, betray our friends – need to grab our anti-rejection med – The Bible.  Just as Carl has to take his meds every day – we as Christians need to “take” God’s Holy Word and grow, thrive as believers.  To neglect such a powerful antidote is to risk so much, way too much.  


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