We all know a Betty Lou – you know the type.  She seems to go through life with ease.  Any problems are minimal and what issues she does face are minute compared to the majority of us.  There is just no getting away from these types.  I can think of several and I bet you can.  They are often cute, cuddly like a playful kitten.  They are the cheerleader types – even when they are not athletic – they will be chosen cheerleader.  They will often benefit greatly in their lives from a strong nurturing system by their family or a significant other – ie a grandpa, uncle, brother, male cousin, dad who will compliment them and create a sterling self esteem and will view herself as a female, a woman in a positive light .  Those Betty Lou’s will fare better than most of us who face emotional mine fields.  Our self esteem may be in tatters and all but destroyed due to abusive peers, a sterile emotional upbringing.  None of this was Betty Lou’s fault any more than it was the fault of the non Betty Lou’s.  Life is what it is.  I know of one whose charmed life was just that – charmed.  She had that IT quality and was IT much of her school life.  She was class favorite, always had boys buzzing around her, was cheerleader in jr. high and high school.  She was crowned the local beauty queen.  A year out of high school she married and has remained so.  She now has a passel of grandchildren via her progeny.  No eHarmony for her or a life time membership at a singles group.  Her ascent to a life of never asking why am I not chosen was early?  Four years after being chosen for varsity cheerleader she married in the local church – and a sterling future is all but assured.  Another example is one of my cousins.  He met the girl of his dreams while he was in high school and she was in junior high.  They never dated anyone else and as soon as she was out of high school they married.  Three children, a career change to the ministry ensued.  She never had to work.  She never had to trust God for a ball point pen.  She lived the good life – with the man of her dreams.  When he died young – she was left well fixed financially.  She was so co-dependent she died within a few years.  I have a difficult time understanding such diverse situations. I remember my cousin’s wife remarked she could not understand how I could live in Houston, support myself, take the bus?  She could never live alone.  I responded she never had to. I had to if I intended to obtain a viable job.  Her compliment was lost on me as I tried not to get irked by her spoiled housewife remarks.  It is true – we all have blessings and there are many people who are far worse than we are.  I agree.  However, there are always the Betty Lou’s who have it made in the shade.  They have good DNA and benefit from what Joan Rivers called – lucky sperm.  Their life is paved with rose water and petals which fall so easily at their feet.  The safe haven, the high road is for the rest of us to not compare ourselves to Betty Lou.  Accept the fact that life is not fair.  It rains on the just and the unjust.  You or I can no more change the past than stop the sun from shining.  As former Kountze resident and business woman Erma Anderson once stated when I mentioned my displeasure regarding Betty Lou and her tribe – “We are all passing through.”  Yes – we are and Erma has learned to accept her life with as much dignity and class as anyone I know.  If anyone deserved a charmed life it was Erma yet she was not afforded such hallowed turf!!!  She had to work and work hard and was and is a blessing to many who are fortunate to cross her path.  She is a beautiful soul and deserved the wedding in the chapel, the blessings of her peers and high marks for a life time of giving.  Yet the Betty Lou’s will be the ones most will remember long after Erma’s grave is covered in moss and yes there is something wrong with that.  


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