Today, 48 years ago – the tragic loss of Brian Epstein – Beatles manager, promoter and #1 fan died in London just days before his thirty-third birthday.

 The news erupted from the radio like an unwelcomed intruder that Sunday afternoon.  My parents and I were visiting my aunt and uncle that week-end and I had retreated to the confined a bedroom and to the soothing sounds of rock and roll when I learned of Brian’s passing.  It was shocking.

 What I did not realize it was also the end of the Fabs as we had grown to know and love them.  They were in Wales attending a meditation conference and rushed backed to London, to questions, to a world which was not so safe for them any more.

 Within a year they were truly splintered, divorces, break up with a long term girlfriend, business interest at peril, so many stabs to the heart.  All of this was 365 days away.  Just before school began in 1967 a friend of mine and I created our own home made sympathy card and work at it we did.  It was large, covered in white felt with gold velveteen letters.  The scripture Matthew 5:4 “Blessed are they who mourn for they shall be comforted” was lovingly glued to the card.  The words HE knows, HE loves and HE cares were also included.

 Whether or not they ever saw the card is anyone’s guess?  I do know the postage to send the expression of grief cost my allowance. I know our intentions were pure and sincere – as any could be as a teen.  Would the Fabs have broken up had Brian not died is a question with an answer – most probably but it would have broken his heart.  There was no bigger fan or supporter than Brian.  He saw something special long before anyone else did and never flagged in his belief.

 Their music will live as long as the earth turns and the sun rises in the East.  We owe Brian a big Thank You!  Because he lived on this earth the world is a better place.  



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2 responses to “BRIAN EPSTEIN – A GREAT LOSS

  1. He was the Fifth Beatle!!!!!!


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