I can recall visiting an art gallery in London and noticed one of the masterpieces was tilted.  I mentioned this to a museum employee.  The problem was soon corrected.  Too bad our medical situation in this country is not so easily rectified.

We are living longer and thus will require more health care.  Some can afford the high cost of staying healthy while a good many live on the edge and can barely afford generic meds.  From a friend I learned a widow – injured her ankle on July 4th, 2015.  She was taken to a local hospital for an x-ray and the diagnosis was as she feared – the ankle was broken.  Unfortunately for her the hospital would not set the injury as she does not have insurance.  She has been suffering with this painful situation for two months.  There is something wrong with this picture.

Another single mom who has two sons enrolled in college and has herself recently attended college – needs female surgery.  She can not afford the cost so she too endures with the help of high powered pain meds and grit and determination.  She is postponing something which could cause many problems for her down the road.  There is something wrong with this picture.  

We live in a high tech world with more bells and whistles than Carter has pills.  Situations as I have described should not be.  It is wrong.  For those who are in the 1% bracket – the banal comment may be why don’t these folks have insurance?  The response is – they don’t have the money heard from many quarters.  There is little empathy from the deep pockets.  Their idea to let them eat cake shows yet again there is something wrong with this picture.  

We must learn to care for one another, to have each other’s backs.  We are our brother’s keeper and we should follow the Golden Rule of doing unto others what we would do for ourselves. 


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