How often we have heard the saying doing the wrong thing for the right reason?  If we live long enough not only will we hear this saying we will live this saying.  I am learning this to be true.  

My brother was diagnosed with cancer in 2007 with the instructions he was to return for a check up in 2011.  He did keep close tabs on his liver and blood work and everything was clear.  He was active and made the world a better place through care and attention to and for others.

When he passed on July 4th, 2012 the world lost a star who forged his own path.  The community has a big hole in it which has yet to be filled.  The Beans have a stellar history of its own.  My grandparents moved to Kountze from Tyler county in 1910.  They raised their kids in Old Nona and all four went their own separate ways.

 My dad chose to stay in Kountze, marry a girl from Silsbee.  They purchased five acres which included a home in 1937.  Together the couple created a nice home for themselves and their three children, my brother Tom, my sister Linda and of course the last of the bunch – me.  Mama and Daddy lived in the home til death intervened.

My brother, sister and I inherited land which included Highway 69 frontage and acreage in Old Nona where the homestead had been.  As I had always rented when I lived in Houston my parents wanted me to inherit the home.  My brother had moved next door to the north and build a nice home for his brood.  After my brother died in 2012 – my sister-in-law had the land surveyed.  It was at that time a bombshell entered my life. My brother had signed over his land which included the home he had built, to me on September 23, 2011.  I never knew and was shocked to put it mildly.

 I knew my brother would never have cut his children out of their inheritance.  The frontage property is the best of the two sections he owned.  I can only explain my actions as foolish and due to bereavement.  On Halloween 2012 I signed the land back to my sister-in-law.  I tried to do the right thing – took into consideration my brother had a brain tumor when he signed the Warranty paperwork.  I did the wrong thing for the right reason.

/ I have lived to regret that impulsive behavior.  My sister-in-law continued to live in the home along with her grandson.  Within the past few months she has been ill and her future uncertain.  She moved in with her daughter in Beaumont.  She wants to sell the land I foolishly signed back to her.  My brother was not off mark when he signed the land to me.  Had I to do it over again – I would.  If I knew H.G. Wells I would climb into his time machine and never sign the document.  I would accept the land as a blessing and rent the home and earn an income.

89 Instead my brother’s progeny, his widow determined to shed themselves of every heritage, every tribute to a hard working, pioneer family. All they can see is money.  That is all that truly matters to them.  To say I am upset would be an understatement.  To state I am physically ill would be too kind.  We have all heard the saying that blood is thicker than water.  In my case, the so called family I have is on Plavix.  They show no respect for my family nor for me.  They have in actuality flipped off Willie, Eloise, Tom, Linda, Cheryl and every Bean whose shadow we feel when days are long and moments are quiet.  



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  1. Bob (Dusty) Dean

    Unfortunately, at times…in some families, money is thicker than blood. And Tyler County is where I was born and my Grand-Parents were early Tyler County pioneers.


  2. My brother did not JUST cut his children out but his wife. If I were the same as they I would have tossed them all off the land and earned an income from rental. I tried to be fair. What I did was GIVE them land valued around 50k. And they still treat me as if I do NOT matter.


  3. The situation has evolved into the point of no return. I have been getting my sister-in-laws mail for her as she had moved to Beaumont to be with her daughter Robin. This I happily did at Ellen’s request. I noted a truck at her home today and discovered it was Robin, her paramour Chris and Robin’s son Christopher. They were busy boxing and sorting. I have been very concerned re: the photos which are a family heritage. I reminded my niece of my very generous deed – signing the house and land back to Ellen after my brother had signed it to me. When asked what I would have done had I kept the land I replied let Ellen live there til she was ready to move. At that point my niece began to threatened me, asked me to leave and said she would call the cops. Excuse me? What? Talk about ingratitude. Talk about the fruit don’t fall far from the tree. Talk about the end of the road. The legacy of my brother is not just a good guy but a weak man who could not control his narcissist family. It is disgusting. I think of my niece who attacked me with a lead pipe in May 2010. The only reason I did not have her arrested – my brother who would have bailed her out and blamed me. He is gone now and so is any hope of a relationship with the shameful remains of his marriage.


  4. I have been sorting through the boxes of photos and there are so many – of Tom, his children, Ellen, family and friends. The Hardin Co. History book means nothings nor does the published memories of my Mom. I don’t know what could possibly interest them unless it has a $$$? I can pray for them but I do not and will not be around toxic people anymore.



  6. The land officially sold today. My sister-in-law and her progeny are out of my life and I hope to NEVER see any of them again. The county attorney purchased the land for $34k – way down from $60k. Although my sister-in-law can sell the land for whatever she chooses – it is a vile deed to purposely harm a widow. It goes against Biblical teaching. It is wrong to take advantage of someone who is sick and not thinking clearly.


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