She is frequently featured in the society columns in Houston.  She is everywhere it seems, knows everyone who is everyone and is a jet setter.  I smile when I read reviews about one of her parties, her unlimited designer dresses.  Several years ago she was recognized by the country of France for her fund raising capabilities.  She married a deep pockets Houston doctor.  My memories of one Becca Cason are far different than the social diva she has become.  

I moved into a one bedroom apartment on Bancroft St. in Houston the first day of April 1981.  The location was excellent – close to everything with easy access to buses, grocery stores, shopping.  As I sorted through endless boxes – a young woman emerged from the efficiency next door.  She was taller than I, had a pretty face but was quite over weight.  She introduced herself as Becca.  Later we visited in my new abode.  Many of my possessions were still in boxes – but that did not stop us from enjoying a Banquet tv dinner together.  She sat on one box and I on another.  Back then microwaves yet to be enjoyed by the majority of the earth so I used the reliable oven.  Becca circa 2015 could own the Banquet company.  Becca circa 1981 lived in a small efficiency apartment with a mattress on the floor.  Her taste in clothes excellent even then.  Her glad rags hung on a clothes line which circled her bed.  At that point in her life she was a lonely woman.  She needed a friend and I was as always happy to oblige. I invited her to church but she never took me up on my offer to visit my church.   She was also in between employment or sugar daddies as she would state.  Her Mercedes had broken down and it would cost $400 to repair.  A repairman had offered to repair her vehicle if she would sleep with him?  “Cheryl, what should I do?” Becca asked.  I looked at her as intently as possibly and stated “Becca, take the bus.”  We did too.  Becca worked for a temporary company by the name of Adia which was located in II Shell Plaza, downtown Houston.  One sunny day Becca and I walked to Westheimer and Mid Lane and boarded the bus for downtown.  I can still see the look on her face – best described as a deer in the headlight.  She did state she had never ridden a bus before.  She seemed to enjoy her trip to the belly of Houston’s work force.  I did sign with Adia and worked for a number of years.  Becca who could not type obtained work as a contract interior decorator.  My temporary counselor Ellen remarked Becca fit that role well.  One day Becca arrived at the office – hair in curlers, a dress inside a garment bag.  She apologized to Ellen for being late and rushed to the ladies room to create the image of a budding diva.  To Ellen’s amazement Becca did just that – and like the butterfly she was and is – she was out of my life within six weeks of my move.  I went to Europe for a month in May 1981.  The last image of Becca – she lay beside the pool – raised up on one elbow and bid me good-by.  As I have previously stated she was quite overweight and presented an unforgettable image in her swim suit.  When I returned from Europe Becca had moved.  Apparently she had found a boyfriend who would take care of her – so said the manager.  I began to hear of Becca in the news.  Within a few years she had married a French citizen and had begun to raise funds for the Houston Grand Opera.  I recall she fell into the orchestra’s pit and broke both ankles.  True to form Becca used that situation to her advantage.  She continued to raise funds from her designer wheel chair.  Becca worked in public relations for Tooties – a high end store in Highland Village – a few blocks from the old apartments we had lived in.  I tried to contact her but could not get past her secretary.  It appeared Becca was a hit and miss type, once out of someone’s life she moved on and did not look back?  She divorced, married Dr. John Thrask and began to rewrite Houston’s society columns with her unique flair and outrageous behavior. She lost weight and did create the image one would expect of a society hostess.  We moved in different worlds.  We still do.  I pray Becca will realize the importance of her spiritual destination, which is one trip she can not postpone.  It is one trip all of her designer clothes, her money, her social connections will not stop.  She – like the rest of us will have to stand before God and it is hoped when Becca Cason Thrask does she will do so with the knowledge she has accepted Jesus as her personal savior.  HE TRULY IS THE ONLY WAY.  HIS REVIEW IS THE ONLY ONE WORTH READING. 


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