On this date in the year 1881 my Grandma Bean was born in Tyler County, TX.  She was one of four girls and three boys born to the Gant family.  My memories of her are crystallized – unforgettable.

 Her world would be considered small and uneventful but for those who had the pleasure of meeting her – their world would be enriched.  She met and married my Grandpa Bean around the turn of the 20th century.  They lived the majority of their married life in Old Nona – south of Kountze.

 The couple raised vegetables, fruits, chickens and four children.  At one point their home was a boarding house.  Being the youngest of 20 grandchildren I missed out on Grandma’s fabled chicken and dumplings but I do recall her home made taffy.  She was an excellent seamstress, knew how to work the land and create the best of what God provided.

Their life was simple – water from a well, went years without electricity in their home.   Her home made jelly won many a blue ribbon – at local and state fairs which includes Dallas.  I can recall Grandma would collect rain water in a barrel to wash her hair. She swore by it – her hair was brown with few grey hairs well into her 80’s.

 She loved people and people loved her and she empathized with those who suffered.  My Grandpa was alleged to have stated “If there is a funeral within a mile of her, she will be there crying, even if she does not know anybody.” That says a thousand words about her.

 She never wrote a book, went to New York City, discovered a cure for a dreaded disease.  She did however instill in those who knew and loved her a sense of well being.  She left this earth on August 25, 1968 – a Sunday.  I can still feel the shadows close in on me that day.  Death had robbed the earth of someone who had a Mona Lisa smile.

 I remember her today.  She made so many smile the way seeing a red head with freckles makes one smile.  She was a treasure.  She left her legacy of excellence on all of us and for that I am grateful.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA BEAN.


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