Sports is as unpredictable as Texas weather.  Anyone can win on any given day and so it happened today.  Serena just three sets away from the elusive Grand Slam. It has not been done since German phenom Steffi Graf wowed the world in 1988.  A man has not won the Grand Slam since Rod Laver accomplished his court artistry in 1969.   Serena is a great player.  She should not hang her head.  She is the better player.  She hold all four Slams at the same time , just not in the same calendar year.  

The mighty race horse Secretariat lost to a horse by the name of Onion.  Onion you ask?  Right, you heard me.  It happens and when it does it is shocking and helps us all to realize even the greatest are still human or in the case of Secretariat  a horse who eats his hay just like the rest of the equine world.

I hope Serena comes back swinging her racket and racks up more Grand Slam titles.   


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