Fourteen years ago today Kountze lost a great citizen.  She was a native, both her parents lived and died here.  She was a fine person, a giving soul who always had a smile on her face and never met a stranger.  She was always chic and beautifully groomed and when not traveling the world  she worked in a variety of fields.

At one time she worked in the Hardin County Tax Office for my dad.  She was a trained nurse and a hairdresser which was easy to see as her hair always stylish.  She was active in the community, frequently volunteered her time.  

She never wrote a  book, never graced the cover of a magazine nor did she call attention to herself.  She was modest yet unforgettable.  

When I learned she had passed, the next day after 9/11/2001 I stopped and remembered the vibrant woman who passed among us.  She never received the acknowledgement she deserved nor did she seek it.  Those who never knew her missed more than I can say. 

I remember the time I received a post card from her while she was vacationing in London.  I was thrilled and looked forward to the future and my own plans of England and of touring the world.  It was a kind act on her part  to remember me and it was greatly appreciated.

Today  I honor the memory of Nelma Lois Thornton.  


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