On September 26, 2015 – 48 Hours – CBS long time hit show will broadcast a two hour program.  

There will be a Texas connection which should interest us all.  Local hero Karen Monk of Sour Lake, TX while visiting the beach,  stared down a career criminal – Jesse Matthew last September.

Jesse was on the run from Virginia authorities who sought him in connection with missing University of Virginia student Hannah Graham.  Once Jesse was apprehended and returned to Virginia the harsh realities of Mr. Matthew’s life of crime came into focus.  Many unsolved crimes now had a DNA hit.  

Sadly Hannah Graham was just another victim to Jesse and hopefully, thanks in no small part to Karen – his last.  

This week Jesse was indicted for the murder of Morgan Harrington who never made it home from a concert in 2009.  

Another victim who survived and now lives in India – returned to Virginia this summer to face Jesse – who raped her and attempted to murder her.  She survived.  

48 Hours is available on Pod Cast if one does not wish to wait til the 26th.  

It is hoped this program will serve as a a reminder we should all take the time to make the phone call – just as Karen did.   



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2 responses to “48 HOURS SEPTEMBER 26, 2015 – SATURDAY

  1. The show was well done – and encouraged a lot of talk and consideration. My own sister forgot to watch and caught the last. Why does that not surprise me?


  2. Interesting program. Glad Karen Monk made the cut and folks across the world could see and learn just how special she is. Check out gofundme.com/ofdttg


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