48 Hours: Deadly Connections Saturday September 26th

Honor Karen – gofundme.com/ofdttg

A Child's Tears

As I prepare to watch 48 Hours on CBS tonight (Hannah Graham: Deadly Connections) I know that this story would not have been possible without the dedication and determination of Gil and Dan Harrington. Several years ago the Harrington’s daughter, Morgan Dana Harrington, was murdered after getting locked out of a concert venue. As a result of efforts began by Gil and Dan to find the person who murdered their daughter a serial killer has to answer for his crimes. Tonight’s story will show how connections were made between Morgan and Hannah’s murder. Are there more?

This story is HUGE on so many levels and my admiration for the Harringtons continues to grow. The Harringtons persisted in keeping their daughter’s name in the public eye. The Harringtons persisted in encouraging others to come forward. The Harringtons persisted in making authorities aware of leads and ascertaining authorities followed those leads. The…

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  1. Karen Monk – whose courage stopped Jesse Matthew’s life of crime to a halt on the beaches of Texas deserves a hardy pat on the back and then some. Check out gofundme.com/ofdttg for more information on Karen!!! Thanks and God Bless!


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