The sounds of nails hammered into wood awoke me day after day.  My neighbor built a nice, new home for his Mother.  It is a noble deed – to look after one’s family.  She is blessed to have such a caring son and doubly blessed to have one with deep pockets.  

The new home – appears to be comfortable, well built and surely something to be proud of.  

The same can be said of the property across the street – site of a new two story home.  A flurry of activity day in and day out and the result -another home to show case – deep pockets.

Forest Acres it seems is privy to the small base of deep pockets.  A Med Start building was recently constructed and as I type – a credit union is taking shape.  Good heavens – Forest Acres – you got more erections than a house of ill repute.

Before you clap your hands together in joy – there are plenty who are NOT benefiting from deep pockets.  I can think of two such homeowners who can not find a handyman to make much needed repairs.  They hear every excuse in the book from Home Boy who just can’t seem to keep his word.

The same can not be said about the deep pockets.  Their loyal crew never says it is too hard to do or too much or they will get their clothes dirty.  Nor do they promise to perform the task at hand only to join the ranks of MIA misfits.  Why?  Simple – MONEY!

The same driving force which creates magnificent cities and bedroom communities, shopping centers and state of the art architecture is the very same driving force which denies those with the greatest needs basic comforts. 

Adding salt to the wound – the city of Kountze has an over zealous employee who has threatened citizens – including one of the non-deep pockets in Forest Acres.  If she does not purchase a new roof for her home it will be condemned.  This is JUST down the street from the Deep Pockets.  

How would it benefit Kountze or that person to become homeless? It makes little sense to think so.  It makes more sense to create an atmosphere of concern and care.

The Deep Pockets have NEVER offered to assist either homeowner – even though it is easily within their grasp.  They apparently just don’t care.  That makes their Deep Pockets incredibly shallow and worst still a tarnished legacy awaits them in the history books.

The Bible says in James 1:27 that religion which is pure and undefiled – to look after widows and orphans.  That is God’s Holy Word and we would do well to adhere to it.  

There are many whose needs are great and none of us has to look to far to find someone.  Don’t be too quick to judge – as you do not know what circumstances created situations.  Instead of throwing stones,  reach into your deep pockets and be a blessing to someone today.  


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