Anybody out there received a traffic citation?  Most have.  It use to be relatively painless procedure.  Use to be.

While driving through Lumberton – heading to Beaumont – there is a stretch of highway which drops the speed limit to 45 mph.  I always try to obey the laws and in 50 years of driving – 28 years in Houston – my record speaks for itself.

So unfortunately does the State of Texas and their greedy antics.  

Back to Lumberton – three vehicles were headed north and three south.  The officer made a quick bee line for me – from the east side of 69.  Despite the fact other vehicles had passed me by – he set his baton for me.  He could have given me a warning.  Not in Lumberton – the only community in Hardin Co. which has a paid fire department and a chief of police whose salary ebbs toward six figure. 

I planned to take defensive driving – assuming the cost would be much less than the ticket.  

Everyday is a learning curve and today was no exception.  In the rarified air of 2015 – the breakdown is as shameful as it is ridiculous.  

In Lumberton my so called 12 miles over the limit resulted in a $200 ticket.  If I decide to take defensive driving the court cost will be $114 which also includes a copy of my driving record.  Gee – that is gonna be a short read.  What is not is the accusations against such a silly situation.

Why would I need to pay court cost if I never went to court?  Nobody could answer that.  

I contacted Silsbee and learned their court cost was $180.  They did appear to be more flexible than the white flight community of Lumberton.  

Kountze, our county seat starts off at $153 for speeds 1 – 10; $163 for speeds 11-15; $173 for speeds 16-20 and $183 for speeds 21-25.  

Sour Lake’s cost if one opts  for defensive driving is $108 + defensive driving.

I realize the clerks are paid employees and have little say regarding these rules and regulations.  Who does – I want to know?  Whoever they are – they should be ashamed.  

Most folks in this area can not afford to pay $200 for a dubious ticket.  If it is a just situation – surely some other alternative should be considered.  

As for the Lumberton officer – I dare him to prove it was MY car speeding – especially since two others passed me.

I have a court date set for next year.  Care to join me?  Care to ask what and why and how?  I dare say those who are responsible will be basking on some far away island with little thought for those whose lives they have callously infringed upon.  

It is time somebody held accountable.  





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  1. Court date at 3 PM at Municipal Court.


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