December 22 is the date of my birth.  Every year it rolls around and every year I either celebrate the event or pretend it doesn’t mean a thing.  Actually it does.

It represents another year the Lord has taken care of me.  I might not like the way HE does but that is foolish on my part.  HE is the Manager and I am the salesman.  But going back to birthday celebrations – my mom told me about the first day of my life.

It was a Saturday – and an early morning ride to Silsbee became necessary.  As Mama and Daddy drove east on 327 they spotted someone they knew hitchhiking.  My parents stopped and provided a ride for their friend.  He asked why they were out and about so early and my mom explained she was about to give birth.  Their friend responded they needed to get to the clinic and let him out.  Mama and Daddy did and within a few hours I was born.  I have no memory of this.  I do however have many memories of birthdays and one in particular I wish to share.

December 22, 1989 signaled the end of the work week and Christmas week-end.  I planned to work on Friday – then head out the next day to visit my family.  The sounds of children outside my apartment window woke me.  I pulled the curtains back only to discovered winter had arrived in Houston, TX.  Snow covered the ground and the kids whose voices I had heard were busy playing. Snow ball fights and a snow man soon took shape. Their joy was infectious.  

 I headed to the kitchen to make some coffee and called my boss.  He answered the phone at work and stated there was no need for me to come to work.  The roads were icy and it had taken him an hour to drive eight blocks.  Nobody planned to work that day.  I gratefully thanked him and peered outside.  The wonder of white was everywhere.  I grabbed the newspaper which was covered in snow.  The warmth of my apartment provided ample excuse to stay inside for a while.  

My desire to venture out became too much and I dressed as warmly as I could and walked to San Felipe which was usually heavy with traffic.  That day it was not.  Snow drifts were pushed to the side.  Signs of snow men and the thrill of a rare snow fall everywhere.  Banks closed early.  Life had come to a stop.  I walked to Westheimer and witnessed the same scene.  I took photos and considered whether or not I should drive the 100 miles home?  Would the roads be safe?  

My parents and I discussed the pros and cons.  My dad said to contact the highway department and ask if any roads were unsafe.  I did call and was encouraged to travel on the interstate.  I did so and enjoyed another Christmas with my parents.

This year it is suppose to be in the 70s on Christmas day.  There will not be any snow for us – no white Christmas.  There will however always be memories and whether the snow covers the earth or not does not matter.  What does is that HE truly is the Manager and HE  does have it all under control.  





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