Kountze seems to have become a haven for world travelers.  Every now and then you hear of this group going on some high end cruise or to some exotic location.  Use to be if you traveled you were a rare bird indeed.  

My family traveled every summer.  By the time I was ten I had been to California twice and as far East as Washington DC.  My mother was the reason we took so many excursions.  Were it left up to my Dad we would never have left Hardin County.  I took after my Mom and love to travel.  Unfortunately.

I say unfortunately because travel is expensive and if you are like most it requires sacrifice.  I focused on travel over and above all else for years in  Houston.  I stood at many a bus stop in the cold, the heat, the darkness, the rain so I could stand in a foreign city in their heat, darkness, rain, cold.  I chose travel over owning a car because I knew I could not do both.  Call it what you will – but a travel bug can be a bad thing if it is not allowed to become a reality.

I use to go to Europe every year.  I can say I have not been in over 20 years.  To some that is a reason to yawn.  For others a chance to mock and ridicule.  Travel meant everything to me and to the local yocals who get their jollies off the hog calling contest empathy for the thwarted traveler is not part of their DNA.  

Try as I might I have yet to feel great joy for those who spend six months out of the year travelling.  Often these are the very same people who turn a blind eye to their neighbor in need.  I have a problem with that.  

A neighbor had a serious need – one which if not remedied would have made them homeless.  The seasoned travelers did not seem to care a hoot.  Their money was going on their next luxury cruise.  Little matter folks don’t have medicine for a life threatening illness.  There is a dog eared passport just waiting to be stamped.  

Don’t get me wrong.  If someone has worked hard they have the right to do what they want if they can.  If you happen to have someone who has similar interests and you get along – all the better.  My poor brother so wanted to drive to Alaska after he retired.  His stick in the mud, narcissist spouse would not agree to the trip so he never went.  It was a bitter disappointment for him.  He should have gone – and maybe not come back.  I know had I been he I would have negotiated the options of marital dissolution.  He might have lived longer and died a happier man?  

 I would not flip through a travel brochure for my next incredible trip while flipping off my neighbor’s dire needs.  It is not scriptural and it is not loving your neighbor as you love yourself.

It is a sign of the times – to ignore the hungry,the naked, the thirsty but the Church is called to a higher position – one which includes putting others before yourself. 



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