September 8th is  hummingbird day – time to celebrate this remarkable little bird.  And with good reason – as the tiny creatures which many of us feed year in and year out are a truly amazing creation.  A hummer can fly up to 500 miles in one day and its wings can beat over 1,000 times per second.  The hummer travels from Canada to as far as Central America.  Is it any wonder when they arrive in our yards – they are more than happy to drink and drink from our feeders?

The hummer reminds me of a funny story I once heard.  A family relocated to Scotland as the head of the house worked in off shore drilling.  The lady of the home proudly placed her hummingbird feeders outside and she patiently waited and waited.  The first year – no hummers so she assumed she had missed the migration.  The second year when no hummers appeared neighbors were asked what had happened?  It was then the truth was made known to the transplant – hummingbirds do not fly to Scotland.  She had placed the feeder outside with the expectation based on faulty information.  

As assuming as this story is – I have to realize many of us are guilty of waiting for own version of a hummingbird.  We place the feeder outside and wait.  The hummer is never going to appear because we are in the wrong climate.  We are in the wrong location.  No amount of waiting is going to change that.  

In life there are hummingbird experiences.  Some of the desires fade with time.  When I was in high school I wanted more than anything to be cheerleader.  No amount of wishing was going to place me on the squad.  I made the effort not once but twice.  I even attended cheerleading camp at Lamar University in Beaumont.  Nevertheless – that dream was not to be.  Now if you asked me about cheering – I would tell you it does not matter and who wants to do that anyway?  

I have met folks who have waited and prayed with earnest intent for a child but to no avail while drunk, drug crazed Mama has just had her 10th child and half of her progeny are in foster care.  Totally unfair – you are right!  Why does this happen?  Difficult to answer.

Why does a family seem to have a charmed life while others walk under a cloud?  Again – answers are difficult to come by at times.  Why do some have families while others are forced to face life alone?  Again – no answers.   Why are some healthy while others have been ill all their lives?  Again – don’t know?  

Such questions can lead to deadly results such as depression, high blood pressure.  The facts are life is not fair and never will be this side of heaven.  Hummingbirds will not always be around . 

Some dreams are not to be and the sooner the reality of that door closed, that hummingbird feeder orphaned the better it will be for everyone.

Broken dreams can sting – the way I felt for sometime after I was not chosen to cheer for the Lions.  Other dreams denied may last a life time.  It is healthy to accept you don’t have the answers.  Like Job did when talking with God – he had to accept the fact that the job of God was not vacant.  He had to admit that God had an inside track on being a deity.  When he did he was blessed.

So put away your hummingbird feeder unless the creature will pass through your patch of the earth.  Don’t hope for something which can’t happen but accept the blessings when they do.  Know that life can blindside you for good just as easily as life can blindside you with bad news.  Feed the dreams which can be fed.  


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