Just watched the stellar movie Selma –  recounts the 1965 civil rights efforts which allowed African Americans the right to register to vote.  They had that right but it was not graciously allowed without a lot of blood, sweat and tears and a few deaths of valiant, courageous folks who dared to care.

I was too young to head to Selma, Alabama and more interested in staying clear of Mrs. Mitchell’s infamous dictionary which she would use to bop anyone in her 7th grade English class if they failed to diagram a sentence correctly.  

Images of Americans risking their lives so they could cast a vote was far from me.  I spent a lot of time listening to rock and roll and becoming a teenager that year.  I saw the news coverage but my main source of news was 16 Magazine and Teen Screen.

I am always amazed when I hear Dr. King speak.  He had such eloquence – a warmth which would reach out and grab you.  If you have never heard his I Have A Dream speech – I encourage you to listen via youtube.  Dr.  King could motivate and create a desire within you to travel East, West, South or North and help the protest as it evolved into life’s lessons.

I don’t think there are many out there who could resist his powerful way with words.  But then again, maybe there is and that town is comprised of less than 2,000 and sits two hours east of Houston.  The town is infamous for its lack of care and its die hard indifference.  Sports will always get the attention of folks and an occasional revival puts folks in a pensive mood.  But little else it seems.

Ongoing abuse by city employees is ignored by one and all and that includes the churches who should hang their heads in shame.  And the churches share that shame with the long time mayor and his city council who never bother to learn if the words spoken by city employees are true? The mayor and council accepts such words without question.  

 Threats, bullying, harassment, price gouging – you name it – it has been done by the employees who should NOT be running the show.  The mayor and the council should!  Should is a big word and a word which rings across the hearts of anyone who has been victimized.  

Were Dr. King  here today would he be able to motivate Kountze?  Would his words stir the masses out of their sleep and into action?  He might along with a few others whose legacy inspire and encourage?  Its a bit of a stretch for sure.  

But I could never see anyone in Kountze heading to Selma,  eye ball to eye ball with the giants whose ideology is so foreign to anyone with compassion and a heart for their fellow man.  That would be too difficult and it just might require empathy?  

Galations 6:2 states “We should bear one another’s burdens.”  We should do that and more.  We should never look the other way when evil is on the prowl.  

As Edmund Burke once states “All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.”  

Selma is a town in Alabama forever linked to the civil rights movement.  

Kountze is a town in Texas which has acquired a reputation for small mindedness and indifference.  Is it any wonder it does not grow?  Is it any wonder businesses do not survive here?  It should not surprise anyone.  And that is a pity and it should not be.  It should not continue.  It should stop and it should stop now.  

I pray that it does stop.  I pray  the 20 churches in this area will act on behalf of those whose lives are being destroyed by Bubba the Bully from city hall.  Demand the mayor and city council pick up their mantels and stand tall and firm, unashamed of their actions.  It would be a very welcome change, that’s for sure.  



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