The political season has become a free for all and sadly I am not surprised. 

The stakes are very high.  At least two Supreme Court justices will be appointed and who and what the justices stand for will set the stage for many things in this country.  A more Christian based judge will continue to defend our basic principles reflected across the globe. 

America has been the bastion of hope for many who view our country as a chance for better.  We are seen as a refuge, a caring big brother who has the other guy’s back.  We have proven this to be the case for many years. 

It was America who helped to rebuild Europe following WWII.  It was America who helped to rebuild Japan and we did so with the stellar aid of General Douglas MacArthur.  We did so with pride and commitment. 

The radical left have been plotting this election for years.  No doubt they got their nose out of joint when the upstart businessman from NYC Donald Trump successfully wooed the voters in all 50 states.  The radicals’ palms began to sweat.  Donald was not someone they could control and they knew it. 

The agenda of those who support abortion, who support same sex marriage could not be further from the original ideals of our forefathers whose vision paved the way for social justice and a chance to make amends for former mistakes. 

When George Washington was sworn in as President he did so at Ground Zero in NYC.  He placed his hand on the Bible before a virtual Whose Who.  More than 200 years later vile assassins would kill thousands of people on September 11, 2001.  President Washington could not have seen such a horrific deed nor could those present which included future Presidents John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.  What they could see was a country in the making.  They could see a country worth risking their all.

We are seeing in 2016 a country which could turn its back once and for all on all Christian principles.  We are viewing a news media which has become Hillary groupies and are proud of it.  This includes CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, the Washington Post,  the New York Times and every misguided media outlet.  The media should report the news – not promote their own agenda.  Shame on them all for their behavior.

These media outlets constantly focus on some so called sexual drama from years ago – seeking to paint Mr. Trump as unfit for office.  Excuse me but the world is a dangerous place – with clear and present threats on many fronts.  Why are you not focusing on those important issues?  Why are you not focusing on the many skeletons in Hillary’s closet?  A fair minded journalist would but that is the problem.  You are not fair minded.  You are as radical as any terrorists who seeks to destroy anyone who is not  of like mind.

As a woman and a voter I could care less how many erections Donald Trump had 20 years ago or 10 years ago or last week.  What I care about is will he have my back?  Will he do his best for America?  Will America be a better place after President Trump lived and served in the the White House? 

We are not a better country because of the out of control media which hovers over the landscape like a vulture and would do anything to erase credibility once and for all. 

America needs prayer – focused and determined.  America needs to remember from which cloth we were cut and just WHOSE idea it was in the first place. 






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