The more days added to my life the list of experiences grows.  Sadly the column of negatives has become an ever growing volume.  I need only refer to events from this week for proof yet again. 

What started off as an innocent remark – turned into a full blown verbal carnage.  My sister mentioned more than once her unpleasant memories of Kountze.  Despite the fact she has moved to another state and has no plans to ever return to her hometown, the abuse she endured continued to stab at her.  I decided I would do what I could to aid in her healing. 

I tried to contact the one person I knew was online frequently via messenger, the one person who was my sister’s classmate. I could not utilize messenger so I posted an innocent question – did she and my sister have any issues or did she know of any situations which could be considered abuse by other classmates?  She did not. 

The firestorm which resulted was and is a clear cut indication to me of the type of people who live in this town and who opt to rear their heads for unimportant things.

One woman whom I do not know proceeded to slander me, painted me in a  very unfavorable and untrue manner.  Her vile remarks said more about her than about me.  She referred to incidents which either did not happen or hardly worth remembering.  I appraise her remarks with a BIG FAT F!!!  

Another scornful woman said unkind things as well.   It was as if the hounds had been let loose on the countryside and the heels were calling the shots. 

These two spoke without reservation and posted on the world wide web.  They did not stop to consider the harm their verbal carnage could cause nor do I believe either one cared.  Care is not a word either seem to know much about.

I did receive a message from someone I have known all of his life, whose family has been a friend of my own for decades.  Because of the hurtful threats I will refer to him as Mean Mr. Mustard.  Why my comments would evoke such verbal vomit beyond me?  What is his connection to the person I contacted?  Makes one wonder? However Mean Mr.  Mustard needs to realize were I to forward his email to Adult Protection Service – I have a feeling they would view his slander as worthy of an investigation. 

If these individuals would take the time to focus on truly important issues such as the ongoing abuse by the city of Kountze it would be so much better!  Instead of utilizing their endless energy for good they used their energy for meaningless, immature ranting.  They became the bullies and thus created more misery.  They became the enablers in a haze of confusion. 

I have heard it said you can do one hundred good things but all anyone will recall and talk about is the one bad thing.  Boy is that true and if there is not a bad thing to discuss- the savage world of the misinformed will run wild.

The third chapter of James speaks of the power of the tongue – for good and evil.  As always the Bible has a corner on the market right. 

At least one good thing came of my posting – my sister and her former classmate resolved any ill will and put the past behind them.  Good for them.  That does not often happen.

  I doubt very seriously the perps who did their best to destroy me will ever apologize.  They had their chance at our class reunion.  Of the six who made my life hell – only four are still living.  They made no effort to make it right.  They either don’t recall or don’t care.  The victim does not forget.  The victim often has to make a sterling effort to put the past in a dusty file.  Sometimes the perps too cowardly to confess.   One perp sent her elderly mama to meet me instead of acting like a big girl and performing the task herself.  That said a great deal about her, a person who is truly not worth another second of my day. 

The fact remains the town where I was born and raised, where my parents lived their entire married life, where my grandparents settled over 100 years ago has shown it is not on the same page as anyone with high standards.  It continues to gravel in mediocrity and bow to the image of Baal and that is a pity.  It continues to be its own worst enemy. 







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