I have been watching the made for tv movie Holocaust, a riveting all star cast from 40 years ago.  I loved/hated the program – but did not miss an episode.  Via youtube the stellar acting of the unforgettable Michael Moriarity who aced the chilling, stoic Nazi Erik Dorf or the heart rending Weiss family whose fortunes lay in their past and thus spelled their certain doom has kept my attention.

It is an often told story which none should ever forget – however one question was asked again and again and there was never an answer.  Why did the Jews go so passively to the rail cars when there were hundreds of them and only a dozen or so German soldiers?  How could so many people look the other way?  Surely they could smell the smoke and feel the ashes of some dead Jew on their faces?  Surely they could see thousands of innocents arriving at a camp and never leave?  Surely? 

The answer – the citizens chose to look the other way because it was easier for them to do so.  Their indifferent shamed them.  There is no getting around that.  However least we get on our moral high horse and preach superiority – we need to remind ourselves we often do the same things.  

We are just as guilty – when we see injustice and chose to shrug our shoulders. We need look no further than our own community   Shamed!!  Most surely.

  I have heard more than one person use the lamest of arguments as to indifference when that person learns of the ongoing abuse by the city of Kountze.  It is easier to look the other way just as citizens from decades ago did in Nazi Germany.  It was easy then and it is easy now. 

Granted the high jinks of the city employees is nothing compared to the insane ravings of the German dictator or the vile evil of that psycho Stalin.  Not the same yet cut from the same cloth.  Cowardice does provide many excuses.  Indifference is a close ally and together scheme in a bright yellow color. 

Folks are abused.  The community is harmed and needlessly so.  If the city council and the mayor did their job and provided protection for the citizens who elected them the current situation would not be occurring.  However, like the passive, indifferent from decades ago – the bullies parade around the chicken yard and all they need is their bluff called.  That will soon take the wind out of their sails.  But to date that has not happened.  Those responsible have chosen to take the cowards way out.  Those they hire boss them, not the other way around. 

Of the 20 churches contacted regarding the city’s abuse the response has been shameful – just as the church community did eighty years ago.  Their excuse is as lame as a wet noodle they use to slap the guilty on the wrist. 

Now let’s discuss the voters who can make a difference at the polls.  Again, unless they are being harmed they do not care.  Usurping the passive and enabling city council member for a vibrant, new member is as alien to them as say courage.  The out of control city employees know they have an enabling council so their disgusting behavior continues and often with the blessings of the local police who do not bother to know all the facts. 

Shamed.  Most certainly.  Going to change anytime soon?  One can only hope.

If we could have as much loyalty to each other as we do to that company out of Arkansas it would be a better world.

As Edmund Burke once said “All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.” 

Where will you sit citizen of Kountze? Whose side are you on?  Will you be proud of your behavior or ashamed?




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