On May 6, 2017 the citizens of Kountze, TX have the option to vote for a new city council member or they can vote to reaffirm the status quo.  

The choice is pretty clear cut especially if one has been privy to the downward spiral our community has been headed for years.  The mayor and city council members have allowed their employees to dictate the pace, never questioning whether or not the employees are behaving in a professional and correct manner.  The city attorney has not been contacted because he would charge the city.  What?  At least that is what I have been told.

The behavior of dour elected officials is not that unusual for a small town.  Sadly, others have followed suit – ducking their responsibilities while allocating such to employees who should be led – NOT the other way around.

Any town who could vote to affirm abuse, terrorist activities should not be proud of themselves.  It is easy to do the wrong thing because doing the right thing requires a valid desire to achieve better.  It requires a commitment to a moral compass which does not lead one down the wrong path.  It requires one to stand up for those who often do not have a voice and whose future is intertwined with those who refer to themselves as aldermen, keepers of the flame. 

We have a former member of the school board,  Jack Darden,  who has been a stellar member of the community, active in church and worked for the same company for close to four decades.  He has been abused by the city and a video of his recollection of that abuse is available for those to view who wish to know the truth.  He wants to right the wrongs and create a safer, better living environment.  He is a candidate for our city council.  He would make an excellent choice.

Those who chose to support the current city council members should consider despite close ties to the community – when Jack was threatened by the city and publically thrown out of a city council meeting – despite being on the agenda – none of the members did anything.  By their silence they approved his abuse.  By their lack of effort to correct an ongoing situation they have become complicit to those who bully and create havoc in the school yard.  

Anyone who could approve of abuse is either not thinking, does not care or worse.  I like to consider they are not thinking as I have misinformed “neighbors” who apparently do not have a clue that their next door neighbor has not had water service for close to a year due to the illegal high jinks of the city  That neighbor is on social security, Medicaid and is alone.  That neighbor lives in a family home purchased in 1938.  The home is at its current location since 1955.  That neighbor is third generation Hardin County.  Every decade since 1910 has positive DNA from that family. 

If one chooses to vote to keep things just the way they are – one needs to join the class of voters from 1968 who chose a lessor over a caring, hard working citizen whose years of service in the courthouse have yet to be equaled.  If one chooses to ignore the ongoing harassment by the city than they truly have written their own history and the hand writing is on the wall. 

If you want Kountze to improve, to grow, to become better – make the best choice on May 6, 2017. 



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2 responses to “STOP THE ABUSE – VOTE

  1. Cheryl Bean



  2. Cheryl Bean

    Vote for Jack Darden on May 6, 2017


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