Kountze Korner

Sir Winston Churchill wrote a stellar book entitled While England Slept which is a scathing commentary in and of itself about Great Britain and their reluctance to confront the ever growing German situation.  Sir Winston as usual nailed it.  I hope I can nail my commentary as well.  Stating the truth if done so correctly will result in eyes opened and hearts changed.  May this discourse evoke such a response.

The city election was held on May 6th, 2017 and all who voted out of 600 eligible voters was less than 130.  Shocking, sad, a disgrace.  Yes.  It is an insult to those courageous men and women who shed their blood on the battlefield to ensure democracy would rule the day.  Voting is a sacred rite of passage which has often been ignored and in the case of the all important election – scorned.

While Rome burned Nero went to a…

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