Sir Winston Churchill wrote a stellar book entitled While England Slept which is a scathing commentary in and of itself about Great Britain and their reluctance to confront the ever growing German situation.  Sir Winston as usual nailed it.  I hope I can nail my commentary as well.  Stating the truth if done so correctly will result in eyes opened and hearts changed.  May this discourse evoke such a response.

The city election was held on May 6th, 2017 and of 600 eligible voters less than 130 voted.  Shocking, sad, a disgrace.  Yes.  It is an insult to those courageous men and women who shed their blood on the battlefield to ensure democracy would rule the day.  Voting is a sacred rite of passage which has often been ignored and in the case of the all important election – scorned.

While Rome burned Nero went to a fish fry.

While Rome burned its citizens headed to the garage sale.

While Rome burned its citizens went to the ball game.

While Rome burned its citizens rolled over on the couch and grabbed for the remote.  They certainly did not bother to vote.

While Rome burned its citizens headed to the mall.

While Rome burned the majority of citizens looked the other way, ignored the smoke.

While Rome burned…the few who did care were left to consider and ask is there any place that does care?

While Rome burned the city held their own idea of an election.  Nepotism reigned.  Unauthorized folks squatted at the voting location.

While Rome burned soft, lead pencils were used to vote on the ballot.

While Rome burned pens were not offered to use on the ballot.

While Rome burned the citizens drove past city hall – headed to anywhere but the voting booth.

While Rome burned…victims of the out of control city management wanted to know if their abuse will begin again.

While Rome burned…democracy took another beating.

While Rome burned…the American flag flew at a home whose occupants did not vote.

While Rome burned life goes on as usual for the ostrich.

All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.

The problem with that saying is perhaps the word good should not be included?  Good requires a steely resolve and a moral compass which does not rely on the latest fashions or ideas to direct it.  It is not lazy nor is it passive.  It does not stick its hand up in the air to see which way the wind blows.  It does not care about deep pockets or lack of them.  It cares for the truth, for right and nothing can deter good.


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