Kountze Korner

Today, 48 years ago – the tragic loss of Brian Epstein – Beatles manager, promoter and #1 fan died in London just days before his thirty-third birthday.

 The news erupted from the radio like an unwelcomed intruder that Sunday afternoon.  My parents and I were visiting my aunt and uncle that week-end and I had retreated to the confined a bedroom and to the soothing sounds of rock and roll when I learned of Brian’s passing.  It was shocking.

 What I did not realize it was also the end of the Fabs as we had grown to know and love them.  They were in Wales attending a meditation conference and rushed backed to London, to questions, to a world which was not so safe for them any more.

 Within a year they were truly splintered, divorces, break up with a long term girlfriend, business interest at peril, so many stabs…

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