Kountze Korner

I have found years provide many benefits.  We are suppose to get a little smarter.  You are suppose to have more answers than you use to.  We are suppose to be the one others look to when a question needs to be answered or a riddle solved.  Sometimes the years don’t let us down.  Sometimes they do.   Years create more wrinkles, a realization that there are not that many years left to do the things one would like to do.  Years also help to put into proper prospective events which are landmarks in one’s life. 

The Summer of Love or so it has been called was truly remarkable in some ways but not in others.  The social upheaval which marked the 1960s was again revolutionized by none other than those adorable mop tops from Liverpool – the Beatles.  I say this with all sincerity as I am a first generation…

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